Chondalwood Area



Despite the party’s best efforts and much to Nalak’s chagrin, __ was still contracting lycanthropy. There were priests to the south who could help her out, though, plus they needed help. We, as intrepid rescuers, set off.

Along the way, we were followed by orcs. After some tracking and backtracking, our group was ambushed on the road by seven orcs. One fireball later…

Then we came upon a farmhouse under eminent attack. Some quick thinking dispatched the horde, saved the farmer and a few hands, but unfortunately were too late for the pig. We found out that orc raiding parties were becoming more common in the region.

Then we made our way to their lair. The farmer was going to round up other hands, but we told him they didn’t have enough awesome, which we of course could supply.

Things of note in the lair

We came across a statue of a hideous creature, with three heads and a tail coming out of its back. (Was his name Balsag? I thought that was with the malarites) That statue was near a few tombs, which we looted and got some pretty sweet swag. Ptolemy found a luck blade, which he would have taken as his name if he hadn’t already. (Romu, I’m sorry I don’t remember the lore behind the items. It was pretty cool.)

We fought death itself. At least, that’s what the girl locked up called it. Ptolemy was about to encounter it face-to-face when Raven bravely interposed himself and suffered the consequences. We told the girl we’d be back for her, while telling her the way to get out if she needed it.

We tried to find our way through a labyrinthe. Our mapper (Ptolemy) had extreme difficulty figuring out what was what. Lugdush should continue to do that in the future.

There were kitchen staff that we tried to free. I don’t think they wanted to be free… I do remember that Ptolemy charmed one of them, who led us to their leader and bypassed a few traps while doing so.

The leader and his flunkies were a tough fight. At least, they seemed so after a whole bunch of easy ones. The abomination was there. Or, some parts of him here. It was more his spirit than anything else. He was missing his tail, oddly enough.

At the end of the fight, there was a cleric left. Raven, the bloodthirsty fiend, agreed to not kill him if he renounced his religion. After tiring of the debate whether someone would just renounce their god like that, Ptolemy ended up charming the cleric, who told us how they tried to bring the abomination back to life after he died, but that the cleric wasn’t powerful enough. He only half-brought-him-back, and the creature’s spirit would not be at peace.

We spoke with the spirit and asked it what it wanted. It said it just wanted to be whole. The cleric only too happily told us where the tail was, which we returned to the abomination, and he was happy.

We returned a lot of the loot to the farmers. It was theirs to begin with, and it didn’t feel right to take it.

Into the lair of Belak

Synopsis for July 13th session

The party began in the room with the dead Malarites, where Raven’s obscuring mist and Ptolemy’s inspiration were keys to the victory. The final living warrior told the PCs to ask for Durn in the next room, that there they would find the way down to Belak in his twisted grove. The circular room contained four goblins, the corpse of a human and the man Durn. The party bluffed there way past Durn and descended the vines into Belak’s lair.

Having been the first to descend (despite his HP total of 9), Lugdush lept the final few feet to land in the middle of a large square chamber. Filled with vines and other growth, Lugdush spotted only two doors, a cave in to the north, and two gaunt humanoid figures in the south east corner. As his comrades continued to descend, Lugdush questioned the figures about Belak’s location, but he received only red-eyed silence. He turned in disgust to find that plant creatures had emerged from the vines near each door.

Raven and Amras quickly perceived the plant-nature of these beings, warning the others that no mind-affecting spells and no piercing weapons would be effective. Amras blasted the foes with missiles of magical energy, Nalak hacked mercilessly at the plant creatures with the flaming blade Flamesinger, while Lugdush charged ineffectiveley, his piercing blow with Midnight passing harmlessly through one of the guant figures, which was now identified as a skeleton. As the fight continued, noise to the north indicated that danger lurked there as well. Raven moved off to a corner to prepare an entangle spell. When the last plant creature fell, a massive bugbear in metal armour with a horned-helm stood in the cave in gap, sniffing the air cautiously. Beside him were two massive, evil-looking rats. Nalak, in keeping with the nature of dwarves, charged the creature, slashing him visciously with his axe. Raven backed away, saving his Entangle spell for another time, and Lugdush charged in, connecting but dealing only a glancing blow with his sword (snake-eyes rolled). Before Balsag the Hunter could even react, he was defeated. After a brief parlay in goblin, the party allowed Balsag to leave by a tunnel leading to the Underdark.

Amras carefully searched the doors, finding no danger. The party entered a columned hallway with many doors, sounds of sleep, argument and screams of pain coming from them. The PCs left a room of weapons unexplored, choosing instead to head south through a rift that had been torn into the complex when it fell from the land above. Far to the south, a stuck door halted the party until Nalak tore it open. Inside lay an untouched shrine to Nobanion. The party decided to investigate later.

Back to the columned hallway, for Amras to spot a secret door in the eastern wall. After this, the party, dressed in Malarite garb, bluffed its way past three bugbears before a fourth armed with a Scythe and accompanied by Malarite druids, as well as a strange creature made of gems, attacked. Lugdush, still in a heavily wounded state, fell to the creature’s scythe, while Raven filled the room with his entangle spell. After a fairly routine skirmish the enemies were defeated, but the party was in no shape to continue. Out of healing and spells, as well as other daily resources, the party reluctantly retreated to the Nobanion shrine to rest.

After a well-needed rest, the party made its final assault on Belak’s hideout. Fighting their way past a shadowy undead creature that sucked the strength from Amras, the party discovered a vast underground garden. The first batch of sentinels was easily dispatched, Nalak and Lugdush hacking away with waraxe and silver dagger respectively, Ptolemy launching arrows into the plant beasts, Raven smashing away with his staff and Amras blasting more magic missiles into all enemies.

One-hundred feet later, the cavern opened into a scene from a nightmare. A vast tree of evil, its massive black trunk filled with the broken bodies of its victims, their petrified faces contorted into visages of profound pain, rose before the party. Raven felt like wretching as he took in the abomination, while the others focussed on the figures beneath: a beast, part man part lion wielding a spear; a human man clad in shining armour, wielding a longsword; a woman with cat-like features; and Belak, an evil-looking man dressed in the garb of a druid, wielding a sickle, a bloated toad seated at this feet. Along with an exchange of insults, Belak explained his terrible plan. After using the healing fruit to cure people of various ailments, he would give them seeds of another fruit, seeds that would grow another tree of evil, an abomination that would cause chaos and destruction wherever it roamed, as roam it could.

The fight began with Raven stepping forward and crying “Here is a gift from Silvanus!” He muttered a few magical words and spit toward Belak’s face; unfortuantely, the enchanted spittle flew harmlessly past Belak’s head. Nalak squared off against the Wemic as the beast lept toward him with its spear. The woman attacked Raven with a glowing hand, but he veered away from her touch. Ptolemy started his song of inspiration to aid his allies, as Amras blasted a ray of fire at Belak, missing him by inches. Lugdush cursed Belak, who wilted under the hexblade’s incantation, and then set his spear, taunting Sir Bradford the charge him. The knight accepted the challenge, lunging toward the half-orc. Lugdush smiled as he brought up his trident to impale the charging knight, but he slipped so badly that he actually ended up behind the confused knight. Sir Bradford turned on the half-orc, and brought his sword Shatterspike down on the trident, shattering it into pieces. Belak, despite his predicament, began raining balls of fire down on the party.

Raven, uninterested in the woman threatening him, charged his nemesis, smashing Belak a mightly blow with his enchanted staff. Nalak cut down the Wemic. Ptolemy threw a pie into Sir Bradford’s face, sending the knight into gales of hideous laughter. Lugdush took the opportunity to slash Shatterspike out of the knight’s hands, picking it up himself. Amras tried to blast Belak again, this time he connected, burning the druid terribly and even lighting him on fire.

The outcome seemed to hang in the balance. Sir Bradford regained his feet, transforming at the same time into a half-man, half-lion beast, delivering viscious blows with his claws and fangs, nearly killing Lugdush yet again. Belak began casting a spell that would douse the flames on his body. The cat-woman cast a spell that could have been horrible: pulling a wand from her belt, she enchanted the plants around the party, attempting to render them useless, wrapped in vines.

Fortunately for the party the god’s were with them and they avoided the nefarious flora. After this, the defeat of Belak and his allies became inevitable. As the malevolent Malarite tried to cast his spell, Raven delivered a mightly blow, injuring Belak and causing him to lose his spell. The evil druid then fell to a combination of rays from Amras and blows from Raven. Sir Bradford, who seemed to be taking over the battle, was knocked back into the writhing plants by a charging Lugdush; after that, the knight was subdued by Lugdush and Ptolemy. Nalak, after some flirting that took the form of groping and biting, managed to subdue the cat-woman.

The only survivor was Belak’s frog, which avoided Raven’s attempts at empathy and grappling to escape up the tree of evil.

The party stood victorious, but what would they do about the tree of evil?


The adventurers pressed onward. After leaving the kobold queen the heroes moved into a room that housed the lair of the mama rat Guthash and her three sons. A battles ensued with Raven, Nalak, and Tolmie dispatching the rats without much trouble. The next hallway proved to be a major obstacle. It was littered with caltrops for 50 feet and then a three foot tall barricade prevented the party from making haste. As they entered the hallway three Malarite warriors dressed in wemic fur cloaks, rained arrows on them. Nalak used his pole to brush away the caltrops while Raven, Amras, and Tolmie provided cover with their bows and magic missiles. Finally Raven decided to jump over the barricade and Lugdush followed. The Malarites were soon cut down by axe, sword or bludgeoned by staff, or magicked. Further on another group of Malarites were spotted. Tolmie using his gift of gab and a brilliant disguise convinced the four Malarites to come see the loot that he (disguised as a Malarite)had taken off the heroes. The Malarites quickly followed in eager anticipation of getting richer but were surprised to see the well armed party. Nalak cut one down with his axe while Lugdush swung Midnight with deadly precision. Tolmie swung wildly with Goblinbane, who tasted blood and Amras sent forth ray after ray into the Malarites. Victorious, the party ventured on. In another area a door opened and a Malarite began shooting arrows down the hallway from behind an open door. Amras knowing that the hallway was trapped with a pit trap discovered a secret door that led around the trap. The party scrambled through. Amras found another secret dooor that opened into the Malarite room. After a quick plan was hatched Nalak opened the door and surprised the Malarites. Raven and Lugdush charged in and Tolmie and Amras followed close behind. Nalak decided to grapple one Malarite. After a long tussle, while Nalak was changing his grip, the Malarite broke free and ran. Lugdush, Amras and Tolmie finished off the remaining Malarites. Raven discovered a small white dragon hidden in an assortment of trophies hanging on the wall. Lugdush promised to return the dragon to the kobold queen. Calcryx wanted no part of being the mascot and pet of a tribe of kobolds only wanted his freedom. Lugdush agreed to let the dragon go as he felt no creature should be held captive against their will, he lowered his weapon. Raven wanted no part in setting free a destroyer of forests decided he would cut the dragon down. He swung at Calcryx as the dragon left its perch. In retalliation the dragon breathed its icy breath and hit Raven and Amras. Nalak and Tolmie chased the escaping Malarite who only wanted to flee. Tolmie stopped the chase. Raven and Amras used their bows and magic to stop the fleeing dragon. This outraged Lugdush as he believed that the dragon only wanted its freedom that was denied by Raven. After a brief squabble, Raven and Lugdush agreed to disagree as their morals seemed to clash. The bittereness between them remained. The heroes entered the next room, a large room that housed four Malarite druids and two warriors. Raven cast obscuring mist into the room that blinded one warrior and two druids rendering them helpless. Tolmie entered the room and began to sing. Amras and Raven used their magic and staff to fell one warrior. Nalak used his axe to fell a druid. Raven and Amras teamed up again to drop a druid. Lugdush using the blindsight power of Midnight entered the mist and felled a druid, before being dropped by the smashing blow of a warrior’s flail. Gasping his last few breaths, Lugdush knew his life would soon end, but Raven entered the mist and saved his life with timely healing. The last Malarites surrendered. Raven dispatched of the druid but allowed the warrior to remain. The party pressed the warrior for information. The Malarite explained how Belak was either one floor below in the grove or in the surface grove. He also explained that Durnn would show the party how to get to the level below.


The party cut their way through the badly overgrown path. Even Raven had some trouble traversing the brambles and thorns. He thought that the undergrowth was unusually thick. Once the path cleared slightly the ledge came into view. A large rift or hole was seen, it was as if the ground swallowed the fortress whole and left a large gap where it once stood. Nalak discovered a rope that led down to a set of zig zagging stairs below. The drop was about 50 feet. The nimble Lugdush descended first using the rope of climbing. Once he was safely down the others followed. Only Nalak remained at the top. As soon as he began his descent he lost his footing and came crashing down as twisted mass of steel and dwarf to the ledge below. He quickly brushed himself off and continued on. After several minutes of winding further and further down, a Citadel came into view. They were at the level of the top of the Citadel and had to cross a small bridge to get to the battlements. At the other side of the bridge was a door with a large lion head carved into it. Lugdush and Nalak crossed first and were ambushed by three dire rats. Lugdush felled one but not before suffering from its disease filled bite. Nalak dropped the other, while the third fled for its life. Raven opened the door only to discover that it was trapped as a 10 foot section of the bridge collapsed. After several minutes of discussion the rest of the party easily jumped the chasm and entered the room. The room contained the bodies of four goblins. One goblin was pinned to the wall with a spear. Once the spear was removed, the word Malar was etched on blood on the wall behind it. The walls of the building depicted the likeness of lions and waterfalls. Mosaics and frescoes once adorned these halls but most have crumbled to the floor. One room in this area contained several alcoves, one alcove housed a pedestal atopped with a fist sized crystal ball. Nalak decided to investigate and as he got closer the globe began to swirl and a strange soothing music was heard that made Nalak sleepy. He resisted this magical sleep and placed the globe in his pack. Another room housed a large leaping lion and when the party entered it asked a riddle. The party easily answered and a door opened that led to the honor guard room where the most noble Nobanion warriors were layed to rest. The room consisted of a series of alcoves that contained figures carved of red-veined white marble, however one such figure was missing. The figure was used to span a 5 foot wide crevase in the floor that led to another room that housed an enormous sarcophogus. Nalak slipped on the marble statue bridge and fell some 10 feet into the crevase. He was met there by a strange creature named Jot. Jot is a quasit. Jot cast a spell and Nalak was outlined in flame. Nalak grabbed Jot and pinned him to the ground, but not before Jot changed shape and went invisible. Nalak agreed to let Jot go if Jot did not attack. Jot agreed and flew away. The heroes opened the sarcophogus and a troll emerged. Amras quickly cast a few fire producing spells at the troll. The highly flamable troll was soon engulfed in flames as Amras’ fingers produced a vial of alchemist fire that ended the troll’s existence. A few rooms later the heroes found a dust filled water fall that was inscribed by secret druidic ruins. Raven said the words aloud and the water fall sprang to life. Its healing waters quenched everybodies thirst and healed their wounds. In one room, the party stumbled across a whimpering creature named Meepo, who fell asleep when humans came to steal his clan’s dragon. Meepo agreed to help the party if they agreed to find his dragon. Meepo explained how the humans are mean to the kobolds. The party agreed to meet the kobold chieftan Yusdryl. Yusdryl spared the heroes lives and agreed to give the party her prisoners in exchange for their dragon. She showed them around the prison. Two goblins, servants of Belak, a human named Talgen, and a gnome named Erky Timbers were held captive here. Talgen explained how Sir Bradford is his sister’s boyfriend and how Bradford wants the Old Lion to roar again. Talgen felt he was betrayed by his sister and Bradford and left to captured. Erky explained how he wandered here over a year ago and has been help captive for sometime. He explained how the goblins said that they help Belak tend to the underground garden and the Gulthias Tree. The Gulthias Tree is the one that produces the fruit. The heroes agreed to help the kobolds and go looking for Belak.


After two uneventful days the heroes arrived in the town of Oakhurst. As they drew nearer to the city they noticed the numerous tents of the pilgrims and squatters in the surrounding grasslands around the city. Some 2000 people had made the pilgrimage to Oakhurst. This tent city was similar to a shanty town, an informal settlement in which the buildings are made from scrap building materials. They must be a burden on the town’s resources. The party arrived at the Ol’ Boar Inn and began a conversation with the barkeep, a man named Garon. Garon explained that the pilgrims have come from all over the Realms to buy a magical piece of fruit that is said to cure even the most deadly of afflictions. A hermit, named Belak auctions one such piece of friut every spring to the highest bidder. Sometimes people plant the seeds, but when the seeds of the apple germinate in their proper season, they produce a twiggy mass of twisted sapling stems. Not too long after the saplings reach 4 feet in height they are stolen, every time. The pilgrims have turned their backs on the tradional healers of the area and look to the hermit Belak as their true savior. As a result, the local temple to Lathander is no more than a small shrine in the back of an old building. The lone priest left is a female gnome named Corkie Nackle. Corkie believes that Belak is nothing more than a charlatan preying the people’s sickness to line his pockets. If he was a true healer why does he only produce one piece of fruit and why does he only sell it to the highest bidder? Garon also explained how a party of three adevnterers led by a paladin of Nobanion named Sir Bradford went exploring to the Citadel and have not returned. A brother, Talgen, and sister, Sharwyn, accompainied the paladin and their merchant parents have offered a 2000gp reward for their return. Garon also explained how the shanty town is a plague on the city as resources and money must now be spent to feed them and a security force had to be established to reduce the increased crime rate. Garon told the heroes of a strange sect of druids who are dressed in cloaks bearing a clawed hand have been an increased presence in the area and he swears that one of these priests growled at him. After a few hours, the mayor Vurnor Lend, accompained by the merchant’s wife, Kerowyn Hucrele entered the bar during a rousing concert put on by Tolmie. Tolmie sang about the heroic deeds of Raven and his merry men. The mayor motioned for the adventurers to sit and explained to them the grave situation of the town. The heroes agreed to investigate the Citadel. Before doing so they asked if any local has been healed by the fruit and discovered that the dwarven blacksmith Rurik Lutgehr had. They made their way to the smithy and asked Rurik about the fruit. He explained that he was from the Great Rift and that he was badly burned when he was thrown into a working forge and how he made is way here in hopes that the magical fruit would heal his nasty burns. The miraculous fruit worked and he setup his forge here in Oakhurst. The heroes asked him about silver weapons and he produced a secret cache full of the silver weapons. Tolmie figured it was unusual for someone to have such a stockpile of silver weapons but never pressed the issue. In the morning the heroes departed for the Citadel.


The adventurers reappeared in the elven fortress near Weston. A messenger was waiting for Raven and told him that an emissary named Thorn Greenleaves from the Emerald Enclave arrived in town a few days ago and was asking about Raven’s whereabouts. The party made haste back to the Bending Branch Inn and met with Thorn. Thorn explained that the Sunless Citadel and Twilight Grove, in the town of Oakhurst have not sent any representatives to the Emerald Council in some time, although not unusual, the time gap between visits was extremely long. Thorn explained that the Sunless Citadel was a fortress built to house the druids and priests of Eldath and Nobanion. The Citadel once held the most beautiful waterfall with a crystal clear river and lake out back. Eldath and Nobanion druids worked the outside grove, that contained flora from all around the realms. The plants that did not grow in the area’s climate were planted in the Twilight Grove in the basement of the Citadel. The grove level of the Citadel was controlled by magic and the druids kept the plants alive and flourishing with their spells and elixirs. The outer grove has been grown over with brambles, thorns, and viper vines, it is dying. No ones knows for sure about the condition of the underground grove. Thorn suggested that a position of Holt Warden for the Weston area could be a reward for discovering what happened to the Twilight Grove. The adventurers decided to leave in the morning for the two day journey to Oakhurst.


Baro gathered the party together and told them they were invited by King Eventine himself. The king would thank each hero individually for rescuing his daughter Amelia. Baro began to chant in the strange language of magic and the world began to spin. When it stopped spinning, the party was standing in a well lit room in the castle of King Eventine in the mythical city of Rucien-Xan. Handmaidens and servants quickly attended the bewildered adventurers and brought them food and drink. The castle provided a much needed resting sanctuary for the heroes to relax and recouperate. Many festivals were held in the adventurers honour. The King commissioned his most powerful wizards and scribes to magically enhance one item of each of the party’s choice. The King’s personal court would serve as a refuge for the heroes as long as they stayed in Rucien-Xan. After many festivals and feasts in the heroes honor, the party was growing restless. Lugdush longed for the wide open plains as the elven city felt like a prison with the forest and marble buildings choking him. Nalak longed for the civilization rooted in strength and function not beauty and elegance. Raven and Tolmie, although amourous with the beauty of the elven city and the elven people, knew that such beauty will never be seen anywhere else in the realms, the beauty was pressing down on them like a vice. Amras on the other hand was right at home in the elven city. He felt renewed and revigored after the loss of his brother. The elven clerics assured him that his brother will be well cared for in Arvandor. Still is wasn’t home and Weston is.

After a month of training and refocusing Baro gathered the party together and teleported the heroes back to Weston.


With Amelia rescued, the party began to ascend out of the tomb. Although not fully healed the party ventured back up to the ground level. Lugdush remembered that the flaming skull by the entrance would probably be alive again and the party remembered the skull’s deadly fireball. Not wanting to be burned again the party devised a plan. Raven entered the room first and was hit by a ray of exhaustion. He was able to get to the door despite being totally exhausted. Nalak entered next and tried to close the distance between himself and the skull, but fell a few feet short. Amras and Amelia ran to the door and up the stairs. Tolmie hid in the shadows and waited. Lugdush entered the room and moved as far from Nalak as possible. The skull unleashed two fire rays, one at Nalak (dropping him) and one at Raven. Tolmie ran to the exit with Lugdush in tow. Lastly, Raven left the room and closed the door. Lugdush, Amras and Tolmie regrouped and re-entered the room to find the skull feasting on Nalak’s corpse. The three tried in vain to rescue Nalak but the skull was too strong. They decided to return to Weston and refresh before coming back to rescue Nalak’s body. Eldor and Raina healed the party and with their wounds fully healed went to return Nalak. They found their way back to the tomb and prepared for the battle. Raven cast a few buffing spells to help him in the fight and empower his staff with magic. Tolmie opened the door and Raven rushed in swinging his staff wildly. He connected with a crushing blow that should have felled the skull, but its eyes still flared. Amras let forth a magic missile that found its target. Lugdush charged in furiously and “Midnight” bit deep into the skull, but not deep enough as the skull exploded its fireball. Although badly burned and charred Raven, Lugdush and Amras extinguished the skulls flames adn Tolmie poured holy water on it, a gift from Elistrae. Dragging Nalak’s body the adventurers returned to Weston. Eldor agreed to reincarnate Nalak. Eldor prepared the spell and asked for Corellon’s blessing. His call was answered and Nalak sprang back to life, once again as a dwarf.


Not having time to assess his wounds, Raven suggested they press on and find Amelia or Mourel. The heroes descended to the next level of the tomb. In the first room, the ossuary, piles of bones adorned with a small silver chain were neatly piles into alcoves and topped with a blanched skull. Seven chains were scattered on the ground. The next room contained the execution chamber and had a skeleton slumped behind a large block of wood. Tolmie entered to get a closer look and a juju zombie jumped from its perch atop the door and slammed him lifeless to the ground. Nalak, seeing his friend helpless waded into the battle and felled the foul creature, only to see the skeleton animate and its head turn into a vargouille. Nalak swung his axe with such ferocity and with such vigor, spurned on by his fallen comrade. Nalak’s axe struck home again and again, soon the skeleton and vargouille were returned to their lifeless state. Raven tended to Tolmie’s grevious wounds. The party dragged Tolmie back to the ossuary where they got some much needed rest. With spells rememorized and Tolmie back with them, they started off. The next room to the vault. This room housed two large opaque glass vats and a large furnace. Raven searched the furnance and after determining it was safe he opened it. Two monsterous scorpions jumped out. Raven ended one’s life with a well placed blow of this staff and Tolmie cut the other down with his long sword. Nalak moved in to check out the vats and was surprised by the deathlock wizard Kyjal Stardancer. The undead wizard cast magic missile that hit the dwarf. In retaliation, Nalak replied with his waraxe. The waraxe tasted wizard and ended the foul creatures being. A quick search of the vats reveiled a small cache of treasure and a unique spellbook carved into one half of a king’s tear gem. The last room contained the embalming chamber. Various cylinders and jars lined the shelves of this room, each containing embalming fluids, preservative chemicals, and blood drained from the bodies of the deceased. Also found were several cylinders with tubing attached to bellows and pumps. One of the elfsized cylinders was missing from its rack. The adventurers found the stairs that descended to the lowest level of the tomb. After a short walk down the hallway, the party emerged in a large circular room. The room had a raised dias in the back area. On the dias was the mage Mourel Duskwalker, a large lit candle, and his pet girallon zombie. Mourel explained how he was exiled from the elven city of Rucien-Xan and planned his revenge on the king. He kidnapped Amelia with the help of NeMoren’s lover Lissette and her brothers. After a brief conversation where the party felt compelled to tell the truth, Mourel shouted “your animated corpses will be useful in helping me to finally destroy the elves”. Mourel cast a spell on Raven and peacefully asked him to leave the area, an order which Raven obeyed. Nalak charged the wizard and scored a hit before he was smashed down by the girallon. Lugdush pressed the attack on the wizard, all the while dodging the smashing girallon. Tolmie began to sing an upbeat diddy of the mighty Nalak and his fall while unleashing a deadly barrage of arrows. Amras continued his magical assault on both the zombie and the wizard. Seeking missile and magic missile found their target. Badly wounded and nearing exhaustion, Lugdush sliced with his newly acquired short sword, “Midnight”, and slayed the wizard. With the wizard dead the girallon fell as its animation was ended. After awhile Raven made his way back to the party and tended to the fallen Nalak. A search of the room landed a cache of items and a glass cylinder. After several tense moments of arguing on how to open it, Raven smashed it with his staff, but not before Lugdush wrapped the bottom in a tanglefoot bag. A gasping for air, nearly dead, partially clothed, female elf tumbled out of the cylinder. It was Amelia.


The adventurers decided to rest for a few days and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Inn. One night a cloaked figure entered the Inn. It was slender and lithe and moved with dignity and grace. She introduced herself as Savera, sent by the master to fetch the ransom. Savera was a drow elf, dressed in fine mithral chain with two dark shortswords on her well formed hips. She explained that the party was to escort her to the lair of Mourel and the exchange would occur. She also suggested that leaving the next evening would be the best course of action. With that she took to her room. The party went off to seek council with the elves. Baro explained to them that a few centuries ago a mage named Mourel was exiled from the elven city of Rucien-Xan because he defiled the bodies of the dead. He experimented on their corpses with his necromantic spells. The King Eventine disapproved of this behavior and sentenced Mourel to exile. The party discussed the ramifications of leaving at night and of trusting a drow, but decided to escort her anyway. The next night, Savera led the adventurers into the Chondalwood. The thick underbrush and tangle of trees and branches gave way to a monolithic ring of stones. Amras explained that the elves once used these as mortuaries that prepared and housed the dead until they were sent to the after life. Savera explained that her master, Mourel Duskwalker was an elf who worshipped Velsharoon. Savera opened the stone trap door in the middle of the raised floor in the center of the ring and exposed the stairs down. The party followed and descended into the darkness. After following the tunnel for a short while a door appeared ahead. Savera entered first. Four skeletons came to life at each corner of the room and flaming skull appeared in the room’s center. A huge ball of fire erupted from the skull and exploded around the heroes burning them all. Savera turned to attack the party. A battle began. Amras cast his missiles, Lugdush stabbed with his trident, Nalak swung his axe, Raven with the help of his hawk swung his staff, and Tolmie sung songs of heroism and courage. Savera sliced with her swords, and the flaming skull unleashed ray after ray of fire. Nalak and Lugdush scored a few key hits on Savera, outraged, she transformed into her true form, that of a yochlol. Savera with her eight tentacles flailed wildly hitting Nalak and Lugdush several times before falling to their trident and axe. Amras and Raven battled the skull hitting it repeatedly with magic and staff until the flames were extinguished. Battered and burned the party pressed on. They entered room after room that housed all manner of mortuary, cermatory, and death equipment. One room, made of glass had a large opaque statue in the middle and a dark shape behind it. Raven entered the room and it began to produce dancing lights and an elven death song could be heard. The mixture of light and darkness gave the illusion of a funeral dance. The dark shape came out of hiding and lept at Raven. The creatures claws tore away Raven’s flesh. Raven felt some of his life force drained from him him. His essence had faded. The creature was soon cut down by Nalak and Lugdush. Raven found himself weaker.


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