Chondalwood Area


The rushing river finally gave way to a slower moving pool and Nalak was able to scramble out of the water. He was in the lair of some large foul smelling beast. The smell of refuse, filth, and feces nearly overwhelmed him. He quickly scanned the room and noticed an exit, but luckily no creature. The rest of the party decided it best to go in search of the dwarf and headed down the rough hewn corridor that led to the hobgoblin tunnels. They came to the fork in the tunnel and headed north following the putrid smell. After a few minutes the party emerged from the tunnel in the lair of the beast. Tolmie took a quick look around the room and found Nalak trying to hide. Then the sound of grinding on stone could be heard from the north. The party quickly fled the area down a second tunnel that led south. The noise was getting louder and louder. Fearful, the party doubled back to the beast’s lair, just in time to see and feel the north wall explode as the undrathar returned home. A battle ensued. Amras was plagued by a strange confusion that eminated from the beast. Raven noticed that the beast still had a javelin stuck in its head from a previous encounter with the hobgoblins. After a few more tense moments of combat, the creature laid at Nalak’s and Lugdush’s feet, with its blood spilling out onto the floor. A closer inspection of the room netted the party a ring of protection. Leaving the corpse behind, the party ventured deeper into the hobgoblin tunnels. The first room they entered was the kitchen. The smell of freshly cooked vension engulfed the room. Four female hobgoblins worked a cauldron of stew in the center of the room, while two small males prepared the vension on a large table at the back of the room. Raven began by asking the females to leave. Armed with their stirring ladles the females slowing began to leave the room. The males armed with their cutting knives, began to leave as well. Lugdush and Amras blocked the males escape. The Lead two females broke into a run and began yelling for Khad’zakk, while the other two turned to fight Lugdush and Amras. The male hobgoblins were easily dispatched by Raven and Amras. Lugdush dropped one of the females but was bludgeoned by the other. Tasting his own blood and feeling his own blood trickle down his face, Lugdush repaid the favour and the last female was cut down by his trident. The party then moved on to the next room. This cavern was occupied by six hobgoblin sentries and had a human male chained in the far corner. He was to be fed to the ghouls the next morning. After withstanding a barrage of javelin fire, Nalak and Lugdush charged into the room and a melee began. The chained man began to sing a battle hymn the inspired and excited the heroes and helped spur them on. The song was an epic ballad, one of courage and hope. The party dispatched the sentries with this new found vigor and helped the man from his shackles. He introduced himself as Tolmie Luckblade, a wandering bard. Lugdush, bleeding badly decided to leave the cavern and head for the safety of the vault, Amras followed closely behind. Raven, Nalak, and Tolmie decided to stay and search the area for treasure. Suddenly, Amras heard booted feet coming down the tunnel from the north, fearing it was Khad’zakk, Lugdush told him to throw a smoke stick down the tunnel. Summonning all his strength, Amras hurled the smoke stick down the tunnel and soon coughing and choking were heard. Lugdush’s keen hearing noticed more sounds coming down another tunnel further in the west. He crouched down and hid as best he could. He could see four female hobgoblins coming towards him, down the tunnel. Tolmie, hearing the choking and coughing decided to go and investigate, while Nalak and Raven hid in the shadows. Seeing a patrol of well armed hobgoblins coming out of the smoke, Tolmie cast a grease spell under the hobgoblins feet, tripping two in the process. The female hobgoblins walked right past the hiding Lugdush and came at Amras from behind. Amras unleashed a few seeking missile spells that found their intended victim’s chest and dropped it. The remaining three females attacked Amras with their knives and scored a couple of hits that opened up cuts on his arms and face. The males that were not stopped by the grease turned and proceeded down the tunnel towards Raven and Nalak. Their leader, an ogre named Khad’zakk brandished a large greatsword that was caked with dried blood. Raven and Nalak fought hard side by side and soon the bodies of their enemies were beginning to pile up. Lugdush, unseen until this time, dropped his owl figurine and spoke the elven words that summoned it to this plane. A great owl appeared and swooped down on the unsuspecting female hobgoblins, making quick work of them. Amras, suffering a few more cuts and bruises kept his magic flowing and felled one of the males with a well placed magic missile. Finally, Khad’zakk emerged and squared off with Nalak and Raven. The three combatants exchanged blow after blow with neither side gaining a clear upper hand. Suddenly, a trident weilding Lugdush charged from behind the ogre and scored a major blow. The force of the blow staggered the ogre. With its last strength, the ogre unleashed its fury and scored a critical hit to the side of Lugdush’s exposed body. The greatsword bit deep into Lugdush, so deep in fact that a lesser warrior would have been cut into two. Seeing their friend fall and fearing the worst, Nalak and Raven pressed the attack until the ogre breathed its last. At last the fighting stopped and the sound of silence was welcomed. The party, after stopping to tend to the fallen, bandage wounds, and catch their breath, followed the tunnel which began to ascend until it reached the outside, a few hundred yards from the now elven fortress. Raina and Eldor, with Elistrae and Correlon’s blessing, tened to the wounded.


The elves introduce themselves as emissaries from King Eventine of the city of Xorhun. After exchanging stories of the harrowing adventure in the vault, the elves are anxious to return to their city to tell the king that his daughter Amelia may still live. Before departing the two elven clerics removed the curse that plagued the party. Ambrant hailed the sending stone and the strange voice said that its “pet” would meet the party in 4 days. The elves also stated they would be back in about 5 days and set up shop in the area to help the rebuilding of Weston. Since the party had a few extra days they decided to patrol the area at night to discover the strange figures in the night. On the first night near the outskirts of town 5 hobgoblins were spotted dragging away a helpless young woman. A battle ensued with Raven entangling the hobgoblins, Ambrant putting one to sleep, Nalak unleashing a barage of insults and throwing axes, and Gruoch throwing darts with deadly accuracy. After a few short rounds all hobgoblins were dead save one. Thorak agreed to lead the party to the lair of Kurgan Sawtooth the leader of the hobgoblins. He also informed the party that the prisoner would be fed to the ghouls. The party followed the well hidden trail to the outpost, a stone fortress where they were confronted by the 4 guards. The party convinced Thorak to go see Kurjan inside, he agreed and commanded the guards to attack. Gruoch dispatched two single handedly while Nalak failed to strike a blow. The two elven brothers sent forth a volley of arrows with all missing their intended targets. Raven boldly stepped forth and using his staff barred the door from closing. Gruoch reached the double doors and tumbled inside the building to face the five other hobgoblins. Finally Nalak finished off his lone assalant and rushed inside. With the five remaining hobgoblins dead the party took stock of their surroundings and decided to cross the courtyard and enter the building of the hobgoblin leader. Raven went around to the back where he was confronted by two guardsmen. The rest of the party rushed to his aid and finished the guards off. The party then entered the lair. Two guardsmen and Kurjan faced the party. Ambrant cast Ray of enfeeblement on Kurjan and Amras launched an alchemist fire that killed one guardsman. Kurjan then raged. Nalak and the lone guardsman squared off with neither getting the upperhand. Raven, Gruoch and Ambrant decided to take on Kurjan. Raven landed some vicious blows but Kurjan stood his ground. As Ambrant moved in to deliver a touch spell, Kurjan cut him down with a critical blow. Gruoch in a daring move attempted to tumble through the fire started by Amras, but misjudged his landing and fell prone in the fire at Kurjan’s feet. As she attempted to stand, Kurjan cut her down. Seeing two party members fall, Nalak decided to end this battle and finished his guardsman and Kurjan. There was no time to mourn their loss. The party then entered a pantry and kitchen. Two hobgoblin apprentices and a halforc cook worked the kitchen. The half-orc was chained to the stove an obvious slave. Raven and Nalak dispatched the hobgoblins and freed the slave (Lugdush). The party then went to the forge building and saw two hobgolins feeding the forge and a cleanly shaven dwarf chained to the forge he was working. The party attacked the hobgoblins and freed the dwarf. The dwarf’s beard was cut off to adorn Kurjan’s horned helmet. The dwarf introduced himself as Lobur Ironsmasher. The next room housed several inhabitants of Weston who would have been fed to the ghouls. The party listened at the next door and heard snoring. Quietly Nalak, Amras, Lobur, and Lugdush crept into the room and finished the hobgoblins off. It appears that the hobgoblins found a secret back entrance into the NeMoren crypt and were feeding the ghouls. The party then returned to Weston. The elves returned, this time with supplies that would allow them to stay. They agreed to living in the hobgoblin fortress where they would train the adventurers in exchange for the use of the fortress. Lugdush agreed to join the party and Lobur agreed to stay in Weston and work the forge. After training the party decided to reenter the vault. The party entered a room where a kneeling statue was facing south with its right palm up and its left hand over its brow as if looking for something. Amras placed the orb in its hand and the stain glassed window to the south began to illuminate and a hidden door was seem in the next room through the window. Nalak quickly ran around into the other room that shared the stained glass window and a silouette of a man holding out his hand as if opening a door was seen. He copied the pose at the spot and a door handle was spotted. He opened a door a small stone desk with a ring on iut was found. When raven entered the room a tome appeared on the desk. When Lugdush entered the room another object was found, but when Amras entered nothing else appeared. The party then walked down a hallway that turned west or continued north. Raven walked ahead down the west hallway. The floor was made of glass. Raven easily walked across but when Nalak tried the glass floor gave way and the rushing river carried the dwarf away under the floor. After several minutes of struggling for breath with his lungs bursting, Nalak entered a large chamber where he could briefly surface for air. He found himself again struggling for breath as he was pulled into a whirlpool. After several more minutes of struggle he broke free of the pool’s grasp and waded out of the water. He was again alone. Meanwhile, Raven opened the door. The room was filled with viscera and human remains, cleary the dining hall of the ghouls. The viscera had contaminated the drinking water of the town and was the source of the plague. Raven cast purify water and the pool was once again sparkling clear removing the plague. In the pool he found a small locket with an ink sketch of Amelia inside. The last room was a well stocked alchemist laboratory that Amras fell in love with. Now, the party decided to go look for Nalak, but where is he?


A few hours after Aniel’s return, while sitting down to a supper and discussing a travel plan to go to the Order of Illumination, four strangers enter the Inn. One dressed in a large riding tunic that covers his fine silk fur trimmed robes, the man’s long flowing white hair and beard seem odd on an elven face. In his delicate hands he holds a magnificient white bone staff and perched upon his shoulder is a raven. The second, a man clad in elven battle plate mail proudly displays a symbol of Corellon Larethian on a silver chain around his neck. Slung across his shoulder a finely carved wooden longbow. Next to this man is a large elf who appears stoic as he scans the Inn. He is dressed in mithral chain armour and across is broad back is a sleek expertly crafted elven courtblade. Although he is large for an elf he moves with great dexterity almost gliding. Behind him another figure dressed in a travelling tunic. Shorter than the others, the figure has a shimering veil covering its face. The figure’s dark features are a stark contrast to the long flowing silvery hair. This figure moves with elegance and grace almost in a rhythmic dance. Crested on the figure’s tunic is a symbol to Eilistraee. As one they turn to the seated party members and bow deeply…


After informing Aniel of the dire curse, the party sent Aniel to the Order of Illumination to bring back healing. In the meantime, Raven, Amras, Ambrant, and Nalak ventured back to the UNattainable Treasure Room with Ambrant rat familiar. Thew rat was able to puish out an amulet and a set of bracers. As the rat was going back in for more treasure, a loud scraping noise was heard coming through the walls. The grinding noise sent the party scrambling back to the Inn. They arrived just in time to hear Aniel tell them that the Order could not send anyone to heal the party.


After a serious battle in the NeMoren Family Crypt, the party moved on. They battled a monsterous frog in an abandoned wine cellar and found a letter written by one Lisette. After discovering the bottomless pit was nothing but an elaborate trap the party tried to enter the Unattainable Treasure room. The only access to the room was a tunnel barely large enough for a rat. Nalak drank the potion of reduce and entered. He managed to roll out a huge diamond that was perched upon a large cache of gold bars. He also was able to push out the folding boat. He also discovered another exit and used it before regrowing to his normal dwarven size. However he was cut off from the others. During this time Gruoch went looking for secret doors and passages, but found only hungry centipedes that she quickly dispatched despite feeling thier terrible bite. Seperated from Nalak the party entered the hobgoblin tunnels that ended in a large cavern that had a fast flowing river cutting through the middle of it with only a small log bridge spanning the chasm. The cavern was inhabited by six hobgoblin sentries who attacked the intruders. A massive battle ensued. The elven mage Amras cast a fire spell and one of the hobgoblins was consumed in fire. Gruoch and Raven advanced cautiously to the log bridge. After missing his mark on a jump, Ambrant fell into the rushing river where he remained for a long time. The firey hobgoblin lept onto the oil soaked bridge and it caught fire. Raven scampered across the burning bridge and started to quickly finish off the hobgoblins. Amras cast a sleep spell that put the hobgoblin runner to sleep. Once the hobgoblins were no more the party turned their attention to saving Ambrant from the clutches of the river. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Amras was able to throw a rope to his brother. With the help of the current, Ambrant accidently pulled his brother into the river too. Growing tired of the elves bumbling, Gruoch jumped in a saved them from a drowning. Meanwhile, Nalak made his way down another path that he thought might lead to the party, he was attacked by two skeletons. The skeletons proved to be a minor obstacle as they were obliterated in rapid fashion. Not long after the elves were on solid ground, Nalak rejoined the party. The adventurers quickly made their way back to the vault, this time with a hobgoblin prisoner. They made their way through the Display Room that was filled with mannequins dressed in various styles of clothing. The party rested here until Ambrant was attacked by the prisoner who almost escaped before being cut down. The party then made their way deeper into the crypt and entered the Ghoul Room where they were attacked by two ghouls. It appears that Lisette had two brothers that were transformed into ghouls. Raven proved to be the difference as he helped destroy the foul undead. The adventurers found another note crammed under the door written by the ghouls to their sister asking who she was talking to. The party ventured on and entered the Antechamber where a strange statue spoke of enemies and knowing ones adversary before battle. The party then entered the chamber of Lisette where a strange statue spoke a few words and a skull tranformed into a ghoul sorceress named Lisettte. With the help of a few other statues, the sorceress seemed to gain the upper hand albiet only briefly. After a rapid exchange of spells and weaponry the ghoul was slain, but not before she dropped Amras to the floor where he laid dying. It appears that Lisette and her brothers kidnapped Amelia and were holding her for ransom when the Baron imprisoned them in the vault. A sending stone was found that communicated with someone elsewhere who informed the party that his “pet” would soon tell them where Amelia was being kept. The party then found the tomb of Kragor NeMoren and the sarcophagus proved to be trapped. Once the lid was removed, Ambrant, Amras, and Gruoch were cursed rendering them helpless. The party then decided to go back to the Inn to assess their wounds and curses.


After arriving at the Bending Branch Inn, the adventurers meet Aniel who beckons them all to sit. The party exchanges pleasantries and the Mayor of the area Kel Varnsen explains why they are there. The party are the inheritants of the NeMoren fortune that is locked in the vault. Without hesitation the adventurers head to the vault. They find the hidden door with the 5 silver key holes and enter the vault. They discover a strange globe with a light glowing inside, the light grows brighter when in contact with living flesh. In one room Raven submerges the globe into a pool of stagnant water, the water swirls with life and creates a few potions of cure light wounds. Ancient elven silver trees were found worth 8000 sp, but much to Nalak’s surprise each tree weighs over 1000 lbs. In the tapestry room, Ambrant and Amras soon discovered that Kragor was the only non-elf present in all the depictions. Their keen eyesight picked up that Kragor wore a shiny brass ring on his hand. Behind one of the tapestries the statue of Sir Jaysin Threefingers was found, with it an elven brass ring. The statue also held a secret compartment that could only be opened when Nalak cut off his right index finger and placing his bloodied hand upon the magic lock. The statue opened a the runesword “Flamesinger” was found. In another room Ambrant found 4 stone vials with corks (one was full). In the family crypt the adventurers were attacked by skeletons and zombies. Upon closer inspection of the room, it appears that someone or something cast an animate dead spell in the area (evidence was the used scroll and spell components). Farther north in the crypt a side corridor (not of dwarven construction) was found to be inhabited by several hobgoblins. A fight ensued. The party dispatched of the hobgoblin leader and convinced his minions to leave.


After spending a few weeks gathering information about the Northern Chondalwood area of Weston, you can’t help but wonder what the silver key does or what it opens? Could it be a secret treasure chest, or just a plain door? Why were you asked, called, or teleported to this particular location of Faerun? A stranger approaches with his weatherworn cloak flowing from his broad shoulders. His face, although old in appearance hints at a hidden youthfulness. His eyes are young, too young for his face. His hair is long and neatly kept, a longbow is slung over his shoulder and two glistening gem encrusted swords adorn his plain leather belt. He extends his calloused hand and introduces himself as Aniel, and you were the one he was looking for…


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