Hexblade 4/ Dragon Shaman (white) 2


Str 17, Int 12, Wis 9, Dex 12, Con 13, Cha 16 AC 19 HP 56 BAB +5 CN alignment Patron deity Tyr, worships white dragons. Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +6 (Arcane Resistance +3 and Mettle) Skills: Bluff +7 Concentration +4, Craft (maps/cartography) +2 (1 rank), Diplomacy +6, Hide +4 Intimidate +4, Knowledge, arcana +3, Knowledge, nature +2 Profession (cook) +0 (1 rank), Ride +4, Search +6, Spellcraft +3. Speaks and writes Orc, Common, Yuan-ti, Goblin and Draconic. Feats: (regional) Furious Charge (+4 to hit), (1st) Ability focus (+2 DC on Hexblade’s Curse), (3rd) Powerful Charge (+1d8 damage on a charge), (6th) Soul of the North (cast Chill touch FORT 14 for STR damage, Ray of Frost, and Resistance, each 1/day as spell-like ability). Abilities: HALF-ORC – Darkvision 60ft; HEXBLADE – Hexblade’s Curse (-2 att, damage, saves, ability and skill checks for one hour, Will DC 17; Arcane Resistance (Cha modifier bonus to saves vs. spells and spell-like effects); Mettle (successful Fort or Will save also negates secondary effects of spells or spell-like abilities); Summon familiar; Spells – 1/day, Bloodletting (CM 97) and Longstrider (PHB); DRAGON SHAMAN (WHITE) – Draconic Aura (at will): Power – +1 damage/ Resistance (cold) – 5 Cold/ Vigour (fast healing 1, below half only); Class skills – Hide, Move Silently and Swim; Skill focus, Hide (+3 bonus). Weapons: [USES THIS WEAPON MOST] Hoar Soulbreaker, +2 icy blase light mace (+10att, 1d6+5 +1d6 COLD, +1d10 COLD on a critical hit), Midnight, +1 drowcraft finder shortsword (+9att, 1d6+4), Silver dagger (+9att, 1d4+2), Crossbow, masterwork (+6att, 1d8) Armour: Chainshirt +1, Ring of Protection +1, Light wooden shield +1 Other: Silver dagger, Serpentine Owl figurine of wondrous power (giant owl used once), Oil of Darkness (purchased Rucien-Xan) (300gp), Piercer Cloak (purchased Rucien-Xan) (900gp), Crystal of Return, lesser (purchased Rucien-Xan) (1000gp), Potion “ant’s diligence”, Amulet of Centipedes.


Lugdush was born into the Flaming Spike tribe, the largest orc tribe in the Akanapeaks, a mountain range in the north-western part of Chessenta. For being a half-breed, Ludgush was soon the brunt of much nastiness. From an early age he came to respect law and order, as without these he would likley have been killed by his more savage tormentors. Avoiding trouble, relying on law whenever he could, Lugdush became an outsider, tolerated only begrudgingly. He learned to watch and wait and he learned that a quick mind is key to a long life.

One incident from his childhood holds itself in Lugdush’s memory as the moment his life changed irrevocably. At the age of 7, already strong and smart, Lugdush was cornered by a trio of rather stupid but rather strong orc brutes. After a typical beating, just as the trio were leaving, Lugdush hurled a foul curse at one of his attackers. For an hour afterwards, that orc was smitten with what seemed to be a run of bad luck. A superstitious race, the orcs soon began to whisper that the half-breed boy had dark powers, that he could bring down curses on his foes. Just before his 9th birthday, Lugdush was run out of the tribe, hated and feared for his mongrel nature as well as his disturbing ability. From the tribe he learned the language of his orc heritage, how to fight with most weapons, how to wear armour, how to charge furiously and ferociously at his enemies, and a few bits about religion, mostly about Gruumsh, whom he views as the typical orc brute who tormented his youth, Luthic, the mother who he feels he never had, and, the one Orc god he prays to for guidance, Ilneval, a deadly combatant, but one who puts thought and discipline into his actions.

Lugdush made his way out of the mountains and toward the Inner Sea. He had nowhere to go, but he was bright enough to know that the water might offer life and sustenance. He found himself in the outskirts of the city of Airspur, a city of about 30,000 located on the coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars. A city with many half-orc denizens, Lugdush found himself able to wander the streets almost wholly unmolested. He made his way to the docks, seeking employment of any kind that would sustain him.

Unfortunately for Lugdush, he found a cunning pirate-slaver who offered him a job as a deckhand on a ship. This “job” was nothing but a ruse to lure Lugdush on the ship, where he was thrown into chains and forced into slavery. For months, even years, he slaved on the ship, being beaten and whipped regularly, but he survived (and learned the common tongue), harbouring hatred and vengeance for all the slavers.

From one of the slavers, and only one, Lugdush developed some respect and gained valuable knowledge. A Yuan-ti half-breed sorcerer served as First Mate on the ship. He recognized that Lugdush had a fairly forceful personality, that the half-orc was actually fairly bright. At times, sometimes for a few weeks, sometimes for several months, sometimes only a few days, the Yuan-ti, named Ssith, would have Lugdush as his personal slave. During this time, Ssith showed little compassion, but Lugdush learned. He learned the language of the Yuan-ti and the rudiments of sorcery by watching this aberration, by carefully remembering minor incantations that could be used to harnass innate talent, such as that which Lugdush himself possessed. Lugdush learned that his ability to curse could be controlled, he learned to resist spells and spell-effects because Ssith used him for practice and he learned to avoid the secondary effects of such spells.

In truth, Ssith found Lugdush interesting. Had he not, the half-orc would have been sold or killed like most other slaves. Ssith knew of Lugdush’s cursing power, he also knew the boy was learning sorecery and resistance to it. Unfortunately, Lugdush’s unlikely mentor was killed in a skirmish in the Vilhon Reach, and soon after Lugdush was sold to a band of hobgoblins form the Chondalwood.

For eight months, Lugdush toiled to feed the irritable hobgoblins, a time in which he learned their foul language. All escape efforts had failed, so he contented himself with the pathetic pass-time of cursing the hobgoblins and snickering to himself about what they thought was foul luck brought on them from the forest itself.

Lugdush’s patience brought the reward of rescue from a group of adventurers. They were held together by Raven NeMoren, the last descendent of the wealthy and legendary NeMoren family. Lugdush joined them, using his combat abilities and his curse to aid in the endeavours.

But all would not remain harmonious. While descending into a fallen temple to defeat an evil Druid, the party encountered a wyrmling white dragon, the prisoner of a band of kobolds. Lugdush, opposed to all imprisonment, desired to let the creature, named Calryx, go free, but others in the party felt all white dragons, even infants, must be evil, and so before Lugdush could stop them, they killed the dragon.

Distraught at the heinous murder of Calcryx, who sought only freedom, Lugdush prayed that he could somehow atone for this crime. His prayers and thoughts soon became obsessed with the creature. He heard voices (actualy dragon powers; see character notes from DM) that told him he would now be imbued with the wondrous power of white dragons, that his spirit would now be mixed with that of the fallen Calcryx.

Now Lugdush has purpose: to adventure to gain power so that he may better atone for Calcryx’s death and so that he may promote the freedom and well-being of all white dragons, creatures he feels deserve life and liberty as much as any human or orc.

Lugdush has since found a very special weapon, one he prizes even more than his magical blade Midnight. The light mace “Hoar Soulbreaker”, frosts upon command and deals Cold damage on every hit (+2 light mace, icy blast). This weapon and his new innate cold abilities are more evidence of his transformation into a powerful dragon shaman of white dragons and their icy souls.


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