MONEY: 7775 gp, 319 sp

GEMS: 14 pearls (1400 gp), sapphires (1500 gp)

ART & COLLECTIBLES: 3 empty corked stone vials, 1 empty segmented corked stone vial, 4 bottles of wine (40 gp), crude symbol of Velsharoon, spyglass (1500 gp), jade figurine of lion (150 gp), 4 gems (40 gp), 5 x lion’s cloaks, crystal goblet (50 gp), 24 x silverware (240 gp), bone scroll case of Durgeddin the Black (map to Glitterheim), 2x topaz statues of waterfalls (600 gp), 3 x silver rings with moonstones (600 gp), silver key of Raven NeMoren

WEAPONS & ARMOUR: Flamesinger , Sword of Sevara: +1 short sword, javelin of lightning, greataxe of Auck’la +2, lion hide armour +2, Soulbreaker: light mace of Boj +2 icy burst, battleaxe of Kamu +2 elfbane, heavy flail, mw longbow (Mighty +2), spear of hunting +1, bracers of armour +2, magical studded leather, magical greataxe, Shatterspike: longsword of sundering +1 (req Improved Sunder feat), The Quick: longsword of speed +1, mw full plate, +2 heavy mithral shield

EXPENDABLE ITEMS: potion of cat’s grace, scroll of speak with dead, scroll of remove paralysis, potion of hiding, potion of heroism, potion of remove paralysis, potion of cat’s grace, potion of darkvision, 2 smoke sticks, sunrod, two tindertwigs, tanglefoot bag, two thunderstones, set of rune marked Augury sticks (25 gp), potion of sneaking, vial of oil (4 doses), scroll of cure light wounds, scroll of inflict light wounds, scroll of magic stone, scroll of command, potion of neutralize poison, decanter of grimlock’s sight, decanter of cockroach’s beauty, decanter of centipede’s swiftness, decanter of scorpion’s hardness, decanter of earthworm’s senses, decanter of sirthim’s mercy, potion of cat’s grace, sunrod x 2, trail ration x 10, ten foot pole

WONDROUS ITEMS: Elven crystal orb of daylight [Amras], folding boat, sending stones x 2, amulet of proof against detection and location, rope of climbing, hand of the mage, singing orb of Eldath (1500 gp), everburning torch, Azan-Gund the Nightcaller (glass/metal whistle of animate dead), stone horse, small keg of fertilizer, cloak of resistance +1, tome of Craft Wondrous Item (1000 gp), magical cloak, 4 x centipede amulet (1200 gp), periapt of wisdom +2, cloak of elvenkind, magical lenses (goggles), magical Elven compass, healing belt, cape of the mountebank

KING’S TEAR SPELLBOOK 1: comprehend languages, featherfall, identify, reduce person, summon monster I, unseen servant; 2: arcane lock, continual flame, fox’s cunning, ghoul glyph, hypnotic pattern, resist energy, see invisible; 3: deep slumber, major image; 5: baleful polymorph; 7: vision

FIRE SCARAB SPELLBOOK 1: animate rope, cause fear, chill touch, hypnotism, jump, magic weapon, comprehend languages; 2: blindness/deafness, daze monster, glitterdust, cat’s grace, scare, spider climb, whispering wind; 3: arcane sight, ray of exhaustion, slow



ART & COLLECTIBLES: alchemists notes and supplies (500 gp), mirror, welcome mat

WEAPONS & ARMOUR: large great sword of Khad’Zakk +1, 6 x light wooden shields +1, 6 x studded leather +1, breastplate +1, sickle +2, small wooden shield +1, short sword +1

WONDROUS ITEMS: candle of truth





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