Druid of Sylvanus


Raven Str 16 Int 12 Wis 16 Dex 16 Con 14 Cha 8

Class Features: Spells, Wild Empathy, Wilderness Sense, Woodland Stride, Animal Companion Alternate Class Features: Track, Favoured Enemy (undead), Monk AC, Monk Speed Feats: Luck of Heroes (regional), Ancestral relic, Nymph’s Kiss, 2WF Skill Ranks (not adjusted for modifiers): Listen 7, Spot 7, Conc. 7, Knowledge (wilderness) 7, Survival 7, Handle Animal 6, Ride 6, Listen to This (skill Trick) AC: 19 Weapon: quarterstaff,mwk (+7 to hit/1d6+4) Speed: 40 Saves: +7/+5/+9 (an additional +1 vs. spells or spell-like abilities)

Urban Companion is a Hawk.


My earliest memory is from my fourth winter. The Orcs that inhabit the eastern mountains of Turmish raided our village in search of food, weapons and glory. Driven into the nearby woods, my family and I made for Alaghon, a walled city. Weak from the cold and hunger, my mother and father were set upon by a pack of ravenous wolves. It was then that the Emerald Enclave, a local druid organization, subdued our attackers. They were too late for my parents, but from that moment on, I would be their ward. For 17 years, they trained me in the ways of Silvanus, learning the names of the animals and plants. They taught me how to fight those that would do harm to nature and how to call upon divine energies to produce magic. Now, in my 21st year, I am out of my indentures and free to pursue my own course. As a parting “gift”, I was given two things. A hawk. Like my own story, she has also lost her family, ironically, to human hunters. Our destinies will henceforth be linked. The other gift is a silver key that was found in my father’s breast pocket, my sole inheritance. It has been 2 years since leaving the enclave and now I find myself here, in the Chondalwood…..


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