Nalak Frostbeard

(Still-)Dwarven Fighter


Alignment: N Deity: Abbathor Size: Medium Age: 63 (formerly 60) Gender: male Height: 4’2” (formerly 4’6”) Weight: 160 lbs (formerly 190 lbs) Eyes: green (formerly silvered blue) Hair: red (formerly light brown) Skin: light tan

Str: 19 Dex: 12 Con: 20 Int: 8 Wis: 8 Cha: 4

HP: [83]

Speed: 20’

Armor Class: [ 26 ] Touch AC: [17] Flat-Footed AC: [25]

Resistance: fire 10

Initiative: [ +1 ] Fortitude: [ +10 ] Reflex: [ +3 ] Will: [ +7 ]

Base Attack Bonus: [ +6 ]

Grapple: [ +9 ]

Feats: Axe Focus, Axethrower, Endurance, Shield Ward, Steadfast Determination, Shield Specialization (heavy), Power Attack, Improved Shield Bash, Cometary Collision

Flaw: Pathetic

Skills: Craft (stoneworking) +7

Languages: Common, Dwarven, (Terran)

Weapon 1: [dwarven waraxe +2] Attack Bonus: [+13/+8] Damage: [1d10+6] Crit: [20/x3] Range: [0’] Type: [slashing] Special: least crystal of return, vicious (+2d6 dmg, 1d6 dmg to self)

Weapon 2: [throwing axe] Attack Bonus: [+11/+6] Damage: [1d6+4] Crit: [20/x2] Range: [10’] Type: [slashing] Special: one normal axe, one silver axe in shield sheath (Quick Draw)

Weapon 3: [light crossbow +1] Attack Bonus: [+8] Damage: [1d8+1] Crit: [19-20/x2] Range: [80’] Type: [piercing] Special: shocking (+1d6 electricity dmg)

Armor: [+1 nephelium full plate] Type: [heavy] AC: [+9] Max Dex: [+1] Check Penalty: [-5] Spell Failure: [35%] Speed: [20’] Weight: [50 lbs] Special: sapphire-laden

Shield: [+2 lion’s head shield] AC: [+5] Weight: [7.5] Check Penalty: [0] Spell Failure: [15%] Special: with shield sheath, lion’s head 3/day: atk with BAB, deals 2d6 dmg

Gear: backpack, bandoleer x 2, bedroll, flint & steel, hempen rope (50’), waterskin, ring of protection +1, ring of sustenance, small brass locket with small sketch of Amelia, brute gauntlets, brooch of shielding

Money: 238 gp, 5 sp


Nalak was born in a small mining outpost in the Novularond mountain range of the Great Glacier. As the outpost was near the recently uncovered Talagbar, a dwarven gem mine, it was natural that Nalak would, at a young age, find himself drawn to the simple beauty of immutable wealth. Thus, from a very young age, Nalak began to quietly worship Abbathor above many other dwarven gods. He quietly began accumulating a small trove of gems by secretly travelling to Talagbar, which would later prove to be his undoing.

As a young dwarven male, Nalak found himself apprenticed to the local blacksmith, Falgrim the Enduring. Initially irked that he would not be able to pursue a gemcutting profession, Nalak endeavoured to do his best in his apprenticeship. Along the way, he discovered that he was far more proficient at actually wielding the axes than crafting them, so he ended his apprenticeship and began training with the local armed militia. Eventually, his skill with axes surpassed those of many of the veterans. Accepted by these warriors, Nalak spent many evenings after training listening to the stories of the well-traveled fighters and former soldiers.

To honour Abbathor, Nalak often travelled to Talagbar in secret, having found a long-forgotten entrance into the mine. There, he uncovered several gems and hid them in his house back at the mining outpost. He was able to do this for several years, and undoubtedly had he sold them, he would have been the wealthiest dwarf at the outpost.

The day after Nalak left for a tenday-long excursion, citing illness as his reason for missing training, a jewel-encrusted handaxe highly prized by the militia was stolen from the barracks. Someone suggested that all members of the small militia be questioned immediately, but Nalak was nowhere to be found. Immediately becoming the focus of the investigation, his house was searched, and his trove was discovered. Suspected to be a thief, he was to be detained on sight, and patrols were sent out.

Returning from his trip to Talagbar, Nalak was beset by one of the search patrols and attacked for being dishonourable, and disloyal. Infuriated and confused at the accusation, Nalak drew steel. By skill or by luck, he was able to subdue his opponents, and fled with only his mining supplies. He managed to make his way to Palischuk, where he was able to trade with the amiable half-orcs, replacing picks, shovels, and gems with throwing axes, armour, and trail rations.

Already attuned to Wanderer dogma from his nights at the tavern, Nalak began to head south to get as far from the Great Glacier as possible. Passing through Sembia, he stopped at a crossroads tavern and between his meager rations, ample coin, and copious ingestion of ale, got involved in a bar fight with a group of four travelling Sembian merchants. Once all parties involved were kicked out, he continued on his journey. However, the Sembians were not willing to let the fight end without bloodshed, and they attempted to ambush Nalak on the road. Nalak fought furiously, taking down two attackers with throwing axes as they charged, and laying out two more with his waraxe. Pragmatic and devoted to Abbathor, Nalak searched the bodies of his attackers. He found little of value other than a silver key in one man’s pocket, with a short, nearly illegible letter covered in blood (not just that of the merchant, but indicative of an earlier quarrel):

“My friend, the riches you seek must lie in the Chondalwood. Protect the key. Its destiny is with the others.”

Nalak decided to continue the man’s journey, reasoning that silver keys often lead to great treasures. Fortified with a new sense of purpose, Nalak boarded a passenger vessel bound for Chondath across the Sea of Fallen Stars…


Having adventured with the NeMoren party for many months, his wanderlust momentarily satiated, Nalak’s thoughts drifted to home. To be entirely truthful, Nalak’s thoughts drifted more often to Talagbar, that gem mine that had been both his greatest joy, and the reason for his bitter departure.

As soon as Nalak was able to depart, he left some adventuring gear with the party, some in Westin, and headed back North.


In a different body, with a recently developed ability at stoneworking, he hopes to reach the Novularond mining outpost as a new dwarf. There remain many gems, and thus glory to Abbathor, in the mines of Talagbar. And perhaps Nalak Firebarb can claim a militia position last occupied by the persecuted jewel thief that fled many moons ago.

Nalak Frostbeard

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