Chondalwood Area


The party cut their way through the badly overgrown path. Even Raven had some trouble traversing the brambles and thorns. He thought that the undergrowth was unusually thick. Once the path cleared slightly the ledge came into view. A large rift or hole was seen, it was as if the ground swallowed the fortress whole and left a large gap where it once stood. Nalak discovered a rope that led down to a set of zig zagging stairs below. The drop was about 50 feet. The nimble Lugdush descended first using the rope of climbing. Once he was safely down the others followed. Only Nalak remained at the top. As soon as he began his descent he lost his footing and came crashing down as twisted mass of steel and dwarf to the ledge below. He quickly brushed himself off and continued on. After several minutes of winding further and further down, a Citadel came into view. They were at the level of the top of the Citadel and had to cross a small bridge to get to the battlements. At the other side of the bridge was a door with a large lion head carved into it. Lugdush and Nalak crossed first and were ambushed by three dire rats. Lugdush felled one but not before suffering from its disease filled bite. Nalak dropped the other, while the third fled for its life. Raven opened the door only to discover that it was trapped as a 10 foot section of the bridge collapsed. After several minutes of discussion the rest of the party easily jumped the chasm and entered the room. The room contained the bodies of four goblins. One goblin was pinned to the wall with a spear. Once the spear was removed, the word Malar was etched on blood on the wall behind it. The walls of the building depicted the likeness of lions and waterfalls. Mosaics and frescoes once adorned these halls but most have crumbled to the floor. One room in this area contained several alcoves, one alcove housed a pedestal atopped with a fist sized crystal ball. Nalak decided to investigate and as he got closer the globe began to swirl and a strange soothing music was heard that made Nalak sleepy. He resisted this magical sleep and placed the globe in his pack. Another room housed a large leaping lion and when the party entered it asked a riddle. The party easily answered and a door opened that led to the honor guard room where the most noble Nobanion warriors were layed to rest. The room consisted of a series of alcoves that contained figures carved of red-veined white marble, however one such figure was missing. The figure was used to span a 5 foot wide crevase in the floor that led to another room that housed an enormous sarcophogus. Nalak slipped on the marble statue bridge and fell some 10 feet into the crevase. He was met there by a strange creature named Jot. Jot is a quasit. Jot cast a spell and Nalak was outlined in flame. Nalak grabbed Jot and pinned him to the ground, but not before Jot changed shape and went invisible. Nalak agreed to let Jot go if Jot did not attack. Jot agreed and flew away. The heroes opened the sarcophogus and a troll emerged. Amras quickly cast a few fire producing spells at the troll. The highly flamable troll was soon engulfed in flames as Amras’ fingers produced a vial of alchemist fire that ended the troll’s existence. A few rooms later the heroes found a dust filled water fall that was inscribed by secret druidic ruins. Raven said the words aloud and the water fall sprang to life. Its healing waters quenched everybodies thirst and healed their wounds. In one room, the party stumbled across a whimpering creature named Meepo, who fell asleep when humans came to steal his clan’s dragon. Meepo agreed to help the party if they agreed to find his dragon. Meepo explained how the humans are mean to the kobolds. The party agreed to meet the kobold chieftan Yusdryl. Yusdryl spared the heroes lives and agreed to give the party her prisoners in exchange for their dragon. She showed them around the prison. Two goblins, servants of Belak, a human named Talgen, and a gnome named Erky Timbers were held captive here. Talgen explained how Sir Bradford is his sister’s boyfriend and how Bradford wants the Old Lion to roar again. Talgen felt he was betrayed by his sister and Bradford and left to captured. Erky explained how he wandered here over a year ago and has been help captive for sometime. He explained how the goblins said that they help Belak tend to the underground garden and the Gulthias Tree. The Gulthias Tree is the one that produces the fruit. The heroes agreed to help the kobolds and go looking for Belak.



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