Chondalwood Area


The adventurers decided to rest for a few days and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Inn. One night a cloaked figure entered the Inn. It was slender and lithe and moved with dignity and grace. She introduced herself as Savera, sent by the master to fetch the ransom. Savera was a drow elf, dressed in fine mithral chain with two dark shortswords on her well formed hips. She explained that the party was to escort her to the lair of Mourel and the exchange would occur. She also suggested that leaving the next evening would be the best course of action. With that she took to her room. The party went off to seek council with the elves. Baro explained to them that a few centuries ago a mage named Mourel was exiled from the elven city of Rucien-Xan because he defiled the bodies of the dead. He experimented on their corpses with his necromantic spells. The King Eventine disapproved of this behavior and sentenced Mourel to exile. The party discussed the ramifications of leaving at night and of trusting a drow, but decided to escort her anyway. The next night, Savera led the adventurers into the Chondalwood. The thick underbrush and tangle of trees and branches gave way to a monolithic ring of stones. Amras explained that the elves once used these as mortuaries that prepared and housed the dead until they were sent to the after life. Savera explained that her master, Mourel Duskwalker was an elf who worshipped Velsharoon. Savera opened the stone trap door in the middle of the raised floor in the center of the ring and exposed the stairs down. The party followed and descended into the darkness. After following the tunnel for a short while a door appeared ahead. Savera entered first. Four skeletons came to life at each corner of the room and flaming skull appeared in the room’s center. A huge ball of fire erupted from the skull and exploded around the heroes burning them all. Savera turned to attack the party. A battle began. Amras cast his missiles, Lugdush stabbed with his trident, Nalak swung his axe, Raven with the help of his hawk swung his staff, and Tolmie sung songs of heroism and courage. Savera sliced with her swords, and the flaming skull unleashed ray after ray of fire. Nalak and Lugdush scored a few key hits on Savera, outraged, she transformed into her true form, that of a yochlol. Savera with her eight tentacles flailed wildly hitting Nalak and Lugdush several times before falling to their trident and axe. Amras and Raven battled the skull hitting it repeatedly with magic and staff until the flames were extinguished. Battered and burned the party pressed on. They entered room after room that housed all manner of mortuary, cermatory, and death equipment. One room, made of glass had a large opaque statue in the middle and a dark shape behind it. Raven entered the room and it began to produce dancing lights and an elven death song could be heard. The mixture of light and darkness gave the illusion of a funeral dance. The dark shape came out of hiding and lept at Raven. The creatures claws tore away Raven’s flesh. Raven felt some of his life force drained from him him. His essence had faded. The creature was soon cut down by Nalak and Lugdush. Raven found himself weaker.



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