Chondalwood Area


Not having time to assess his wounds, Raven suggested they press on and find Amelia or Mourel. The heroes descended to the next level of the tomb. In the first room, the ossuary, piles of bones adorned with a small silver chain were neatly piles into alcoves and topped with a blanched skull. Seven chains were scattered on the ground. The next room contained the execution chamber and had a skeleton slumped behind a large block of wood. Tolmie entered to get a closer look and a juju zombie jumped from its perch atop the door and slammed him lifeless to the ground. Nalak, seeing his friend helpless waded into the battle and felled the foul creature, only to see the skeleton animate and its head turn into a vargouille. Nalak swung his axe with such ferocity and with such vigor, spurned on by his fallen comrade. Nalak’s axe struck home again and again, soon the skeleton and vargouille were returned to their lifeless state. Raven tended to Tolmie’s grevious wounds. The party dragged Tolmie back to the ossuary where they got some much needed rest. With spells rememorized and Tolmie back with them, they started off. The next room to the vault. This room housed two large opaque glass vats and a large furnace. Raven searched the furnance and after determining it was safe he opened it. Two monsterous scorpions jumped out. Raven ended one’s life with a well placed blow of this staff and Tolmie cut the other down with his long sword. Nalak moved in to check out the vats and was surprised by the deathlock wizard Kyjal Stardancer. The undead wizard cast magic missile that hit the dwarf. In retaliation, Nalak replied with his waraxe. The waraxe tasted wizard and ended the foul creatures being. A quick search of the vats reveiled a small cache of treasure and a unique spellbook carved into one half of a king’s tear gem. The last room contained the embalming chamber. Various cylinders and jars lined the shelves of this room, each containing embalming fluids, preservative chemicals, and blood drained from the bodies of the deceased. Also found were several cylinders with tubing attached to bellows and pumps. One of the elfsized cylinders was missing from its rack. The adventurers found the stairs that descended to the lowest level of the tomb. After a short walk down the hallway, the party emerged in a large circular room. The room had a raised dias in the back area. On the dias was the mage Mourel Duskwalker, a large lit candle, and his pet girallon zombie. Mourel explained how he was exiled from the elven city of Rucien-Xan and planned his revenge on the king. He kidnapped Amelia with the help of NeMoren’s lover Lissette and her brothers. After a brief conversation where the party felt compelled to tell the truth, Mourel shouted “your animated corpses will be useful in helping me to finally destroy the elves”. Mourel cast a spell on Raven and peacefully asked him to leave the area, an order which Raven obeyed. Nalak charged the wizard and scored a hit before he was smashed down by the girallon. Lugdush pressed the attack on the wizard, all the while dodging the smashing girallon. Tolmie began to sing an upbeat diddy of the mighty Nalak and his fall while unleashing a deadly barrage of arrows. Amras continued his magical assault on both the zombie and the wizard. Seeking missile and magic missile found their target. Badly wounded and nearing exhaustion, Lugdush sliced with his newly acquired short sword, “Midnight”, and slayed the wizard. With the wizard dead the girallon fell as its animation was ended. After awhile Raven made his way back to the party and tended to the fallen Nalak. A search of the room landed a cache of items and a glass cylinder. After several tense moments of arguing on how to open it, Raven smashed it with his staff, but not before Lugdush wrapped the bottom in a tanglefoot bag. A gasping for air, nearly dead, partially clothed, female elf tumbled out of the cylinder. It was Amelia.



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