Chondalwood Area


Baro gathered the party together and told them they were invited by King Eventine himself. The king would thank each hero individually for rescuing his daughter Amelia. Baro began to chant in the strange language of magic and the world began to spin. When it stopped spinning, the party was standing in a well lit room in the castle of King Eventine in the mythical city of Rucien-Xan. Handmaidens and servants quickly attended the bewildered adventurers and brought them food and drink. The castle provided a much needed resting sanctuary for the heroes to relax and recouperate. Many festivals were held in the adventurers honour. The King commissioned his most powerful wizards and scribes to magically enhance one item of each of the party’s choice. The King’s personal court would serve as a refuge for the heroes as long as they stayed in Rucien-Xan. After many festivals and feasts in the heroes honor, the party was growing restless. Lugdush longed for the wide open plains as the elven city felt like a prison with the forest and marble buildings choking him. Nalak longed for the civilization rooted in strength and function not beauty and elegance. Raven and Tolmie, although amourous with the beauty of the elven city and the elven people, knew that such beauty will never be seen anywhere else in the realms, the beauty was pressing down on them like a vice. Amras on the other hand was right at home in the elven city. He felt renewed and revigored after the loss of his brother. The elven clerics assured him that his brother will be well cared for in Arvandor. Still is wasn’t home and Weston is.

After a month of training and refocusing Baro gathered the party together and teleported the heroes back to Weston.



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