Chondalwood Area


The adventurers pressed onward. After leaving the kobold queen the heroes moved into a room that housed the lair of the mama rat Guthash and her three sons. A battles ensued with Raven, Nalak, and Tolmie dispatching the rats without much trouble. The next hallway proved to be a major obstacle. It was littered with caltrops for 50 feet and then a three foot tall barricade prevented the party from making haste. As they entered the hallway three Malarite warriors dressed in wemic fur cloaks, rained arrows on them. Nalak used his pole to brush away the caltrops while Raven, Amras, and Tolmie provided cover with their bows and magic missiles. Finally Raven decided to jump over the barricade and Lugdush followed. The Malarites were soon cut down by axe, sword or bludgeoned by staff, or magicked. Further on another group of Malarites were spotted. Tolmie using his gift of gab and a brilliant disguise convinced the four Malarites to come see the loot that he (disguised as a Malarite)had taken off the heroes. The Malarites quickly followed in eager anticipation of getting richer but were surprised to see the well armed party. Nalak cut one down with his axe while Lugdush swung Midnight with deadly precision. Tolmie swung wildly with Goblinbane, who tasted blood and Amras sent forth ray after ray into the Malarites. Victorious, the party ventured on. In another area a door opened and a Malarite began shooting arrows down the hallway from behind an open door. Amras knowing that the hallway was trapped with a pit trap discovered a secret door that led around the trap. The party scrambled through. Amras found another secret dooor that opened into the Malarite room. After a quick plan was hatched Nalak opened the door and surprised the Malarites. Raven and Lugdush charged in and Tolmie and Amras followed close behind. Nalak decided to grapple one Malarite. After a long tussle, while Nalak was changing his grip, the Malarite broke free and ran. Lugdush, Amras and Tolmie finished off the remaining Malarites. Raven discovered a small white dragon hidden in an assortment of trophies hanging on the wall. Lugdush promised to return the dragon to the kobold queen. Calcryx wanted no part of being the mascot and pet of a tribe of kobolds only wanted his freedom. Lugdush agreed to let the dragon go as he felt no creature should be held captive against their will, he lowered his weapon. Raven wanted no part in setting free a destroyer of forests decided he would cut the dragon down. He swung at Calcryx as the dragon left its perch. In retalliation the dragon breathed its icy breath and hit Raven and Amras. Nalak and Tolmie chased the escaping Malarite who only wanted to flee. Tolmie stopped the chase. Raven and Amras used their bows and magic to stop the fleeing dragon. This outraged Lugdush as he believed that the dragon only wanted its freedom that was denied by Raven. After a brief squabble, Raven and Lugdush agreed to disagree as their morals seemed to clash. The bittereness between them remained. The heroes entered the next room, a large room that housed four Malarite druids and two warriors. Raven cast obscuring mist into the room that blinded one warrior and two druids rendering them helpless. Tolmie entered the room and began to sing. Amras and Raven used their magic and staff to fell one warrior. Nalak used his axe to fell a druid. Raven and Amras teamed up again to drop a druid. Lugdush using the blindsight power of Midnight entered the mist and felled a druid, before being dropped by the smashing blow of a warrior’s flail. Gasping his last few breaths, Lugdush knew his life would soon end, but Raven entered the mist and saved his life with timely healing. The last Malarites surrendered. Raven dispatched of the druid but allowed the warrior to remain. The party pressed the warrior for information. The Malarite explained how Belak was either one floor below in the grove or in the surface grove. He also explained that Durnn would show the party how to get to the level below.



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