Chondalwood Area


With Amelia rescued, the party began to ascend out of the tomb. Although not fully healed the party ventured back up to the ground level. Lugdush remembered that the flaming skull by the entrance would probably be alive again and the party remembered the skull’s deadly fireball. Not wanting to be burned again the party devised a plan. Raven entered the room first and was hit by a ray of exhaustion. He was able to get to the door despite being totally exhausted. Nalak entered next and tried to close the distance between himself and the skull, but fell a few feet short. Amras and Amelia ran to the door and up the stairs. Tolmie hid in the shadows and waited. Lugdush entered the room and moved as far from Nalak as possible. The skull unleashed two fire rays, one at Nalak (dropping him) and one at Raven. Tolmie ran to the exit with Lugdush in tow. Lastly, Raven left the room and closed the door. Lugdush, Amras and Tolmie regrouped and re-entered the room to find the skull feasting on Nalak’s corpse. The three tried in vain to rescue Nalak but the skull was too strong. They decided to return to Weston and refresh before coming back to rescue Nalak’s body. Eldor and Raina healed the party and with their wounds fully healed went to return Nalak. They found their way back to the tomb and prepared for the battle. Raven cast a few buffing spells to help him in the fight and empower his staff with magic. Tolmie opened the door and Raven rushed in swinging his staff wildly. He connected with a crushing blow that should have felled the skull, but its eyes still flared. Amras let forth a magic missile that found its target. Lugdush charged in furiously and “Midnight” bit deep into the skull, but not deep enough as the skull exploded its fireball. Although badly burned and charred Raven, Lugdush and Amras extinguished the skulls flames adn Tolmie poured holy water on it, a gift from Elistrae. Dragging Nalak’s body the adventurers returned to Weston. Eldor agreed to reincarnate Nalak. Eldor prepared the spell and asked for Corellon’s blessing. His call was answered and Nalak sprang back to life, once again as a dwarf.



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