Chondalwood Area


After two uneventful days the heroes arrived in the town of Oakhurst. As they drew nearer to the city they noticed the numerous tents of the pilgrims and squatters in the surrounding grasslands around the city. Some 2000 people had made the pilgrimage to Oakhurst. This tent city was similar to a shanty town, an informal settlement in which the buildings are made from scrap building materials. They must be a burden on the town’s resources. The party arrived at the Ol’ Boar Inn and began a conversation with the barkeep, a man named Garon. Garon explained that the pilgrims have come from all over the Realms to buy a magical piece of fruit that is said to cure even the most deadly of afflictions. A hermit, named Belak auctions one such piece of friut every spring to the highest bidder. Sometimes people plant the seeds, but when the seeds of the apple germinate in their proper season, they produce a twiggy mass of twisted sapling stems. Not too long after the saplings reach 4 feet in height they are stolen, every time. The pilgrims have turned their backs on the tradional healers of the area and look to the hermit Belak as their true savior. As a result, the local temple to Lathander is no more than a small shrine in the back of an old building. The lone priest left is a female gnome named Corkie Nackle. Corkie believes that Belak is nothing more than a charlatan preying the people’s sickness to line his pockets. If he was a true healer why does he only produce one piece of fruit and why does he only sell it to the highest bidder? Garon also explained how a party of three adevnterers led by a paladin of Nobanion named Sir Bradford went exploring to the Citadel and have not returned. A brother, Talgen, and sister, Sharwyn, accompainied the paladin and their merchant parents have offered a 2000gp reward for their return. Garon also explained how the shanty town is a plague on the city as resources and money must now be spent to feed them and a security force had to be established to reduce the increased crime rate. Garon told the heroes of a strange sect of druids who are dressed in cloaks bearing a clawed hand have been an increased presence in the area and he swears that one of these priests growled at him. After a few hours, the mayor Vurnor Lend, accompained by the merchant’s wife, Kerowyn Hucrele entered the bar during a rousing concert put on by Tolmie. Tolmie sang about the heroic deeds of Raven and his merry men. The mayor motioned for the adventurers to sit and explained to them the grave situation of the town. The heroes agreed to investigate the Citadel. Before doing so they asked if any local has been healed by the fruit and discovered that the dwarven blacksmith Rurik Lutgehr had. They made their way to the smithy and asked Rurik about the fruit. He explained that he was from the Great Rift and that he was badly burned when he was thrown into a working forge and how he made is way here in hopes that the magical fruit would heal his nasty burns. The miraculous fruit worked and he setup his forge here in Oakhurst. The heroes asked him about silver weapons and he produced a secret cache full of the silver weapons. Tolmie figured it was unusual for someone to have such a stockpile of silver weapons but never pressed the issue. In the morning the heroes departed for the Citadel.



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