Chondalwood Area



Despite the party’s best efforts and much to Nalak’s chagrin, __ was still contracting lycanthropy. There were priests to the south who could help her out, though, plus they needed help. We, as intrepid rescuers, set off.

Along the way, we were followed by orcs. After some tracking and backtracking, our group was ambushed on the road by seven orcs. One fireball later…

Then we came upon a farmhouse under eminent attack. Some quick thinking dispatched the horde, saved the farmer and a few hands, but unfortunately were too late for the pig. We found out that orc raiding parties were becoming more common in the region.

Then we made our way to their lair. The farmer was going to round up other hands, but we told him they didn’t have enough awesome, which we of course could supply.

Things of note in the lair

We came across a statue of a hideous creature, with three heads and a tail coming out of its back. (Was his name Balsag? I thought that was with the malarites) That statue was near a few tombs, which we looted and got some pretty sweet swag. Ptolemy found a luck blade, which he would have taken as his name if he hadn’t already. (Romu, I’m sorry I don’t remember the lore behind the items. It was pretty cool.)

We fought death itself. At least, that’s what the girl locked up called it. Ptolemy was about to encounter it face-to-face when Raven bravely interposed himself and suffered the consequences. We told the girl we’d be back for her, while telling her the way to get out if she needed it.

We tried to find our way through a labyrinthe. Our mapper (Ptolemy) had extreme difficulty figuring out what was what. Lugdush should continue to do that in the future.

There were kitchen staff that we tried to free. I don’t think they wanted to be free… I do remember that Ptolemy charmed one of them, who led us to their leader and bypassed a few traps while doing so.

The leader and his flunkies were a tough fight. At least, they seemed so after a whole bunch of easy ones. The abomination was there. Or, some parts of him here. It was more his spirit than anything else. He was missing his tail, oddly enough.

At the end of the fight, there was a cleric left. Raven, the bloodthirsty fiend, agreed to not kill him if he renounced his religion. After tiring of the debate whether someone would just renounce their god like that, Ptolemy ended up charming the cleric, who told us how they tried to bring the abomination back to life after he died, but that the cleric wasn’t powerful enough. He only half-brought-him-back, and the creature’s spirit would not be at peace.

We spoke with the spirit and asked it what it wanted. It said it just wanted to be whole. The cleric only too happily told us where the tail was, which we returned to the abomination, and he was happy.

We returned a lot of the loot to the farmers. It was theirs to begin with, and it didn’t feel right to take it.



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