Chondalwood Area


The adventurers reappeared in the elven fortress near Weston. A messenger was waiting for Raven and told him that an emissary named Thorn Greenleaves from the Emerald Enclave arrived in town a few days ago and was asking about Raven’s whereabouts. The party made haste back to the Bending Branch Inn and met with Thorn. Thorn explained that the Sunless Citadel and Twilight Grove, in the town of Oakhurst have not sent any representatives to the Emerald Council in some time, although not unusual, the time gap between visits was extremely long. Thorn explained that the Sunless Citadel was a fortress built to house the druids and priests of Eldath and Nobanion. The Citadel once held the most beautiful waterfall with a crystal clear river and lake out back. Eldath and Nobanion druids worked the outside grove, that contained flora from all around the realms. The plants that did not grow in the area’s climate were planted in the Twilight Grove in the basement of the Citadel. The grove level of the Citadel was controlled by magic and the druids kept the plants alive and flourishing with their spells and elixirs. The outer grove has been grown over with brambles, thorns, and viper vines, it is dying. No ones knows for sure about the condition of the underground grove. Thorn suggested that a position of Holt Warden for the Weston area could be a reward for discovering what happened to the Twilight Grove. The adventurers decided to leave in the morning for the two day journey to Oakhurst.



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