A) The last of his line, Baron Paytro NeMoren has left his dark past sealed for decades in the family’s underground vault. Now, three years after his death, a group of stalwart adventurers has gathered according to the baron’s final wishes. At long last, the seal will be broken and the secrets of the vault will be revealed. Can some sins be forgiven? Can death stop the thirst for revenge? Find out when you enter NeMoren’s Vault.

After rescuing Amelia, the elves teleport the adventurers to the mythical city of Rucien-Xan, where they are forever known as the friends of the elves.

B) Why should anyone travel the cracked cobblestones of the Old Road? The fortress that once cast its shadow across the road does so no longer-some whisper that the earth swallowed the fortress whole. Three brave adventurers resolved to discover the truth and set off down the Old Road but they never returned.

Chondalwood Area

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